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Foreign participation in the violence

The violence has not abated since Evo Morales's resignation on 10 November. The national press has reported a wave of attacks by members of MAS and other Morales supporters in a number of flashpoints around the country.

Violent clashes between protesters and police in Montero and Yapacaní have left two dead and several injured. One of these, Facundo Morales Schoenfield, has been confirmed by Colombian press to be a member of the Colombian guerrilla movement FARC. Nicknamed El Argentino due to his country of origin, Morales Schoenfield is in a critical condition in a hospital in Santa Cruz. According to El Deber, Santa Cruz police force's commander Miguel Mercado suggested that Morales Schoenfield had been involved in the incident that led to the fatal shooting of two members of the civic action that had led to the resignation of Evo Morales. 

Página Sietereports today that three Cuban citizens have been arrested in El Alto in possession of Bs 90,000 in cash. Neighbours stated …

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